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Attorney Shaking Hands with a Client


Steven Day July 30, 2019

If you need a lawyer, for something like a car crash, a slip and fall accident, or another personal injury case, then you need to schedule a consultation. During a consultation with a law firm, you will sit down with a lawyer and tell them about your situation. From there, the lawyer will decide whether or not they want to take on your case and you will decide if you want to work with that lawyer. To help you prepare for an upcoming consultation, this article will discuss a few important questions you should be sure to ask.

Have they handled similar cases before? One of the first things you should ask about is the lawyer's experience. You need to know that the lawyer you choose is capable of handling your case. You should first ask whether or not the lawyer has handled similar cases to yours -- if not, they might not have the knowledge needed to manage your case. But if they do, you can rest assured they know how to go about your case.

What are the likely outcomes of the case? While it's not possible to know for certain how a case will turn out, it's important to ask the lawyer what they think the outcome will be. Lawyers should be able to give you a general assessment of how they think your case will turn out. While going to trial is certainly a possibility, around 96% of personal injury cases are settled before going to trial. However, knowing the possible outcome will help you better prepare for your case.

What will be done to prepare the case? There is a lot that goes into prepping a case -- from gathering evidence to talking to witnesses to filing paperwork, there are a lot of important steps to take. And while lawyers tend to do most of the work, you need to fully understand what is going to go into preparing your case. And, of course, you need to know what work you will have to do, like providing certain documents. Lawyers should be able to give you a brief rundown of how they will prepare your case for filing or trial.

A consultation with an attorney can be intimidating, which is why you need to be prepared. And asking these questions will help you determine whether or not the lawyer is a good fit for your case.