motorcycle accidents


Steven Day Feb. 10, 2021

We've all heard about parents' concerns regarding motorcycles; very few feel completely comfortable with their children, grown or otherwise, on motorcycles. But there may be some truth to anxieties surrounding these vehicles. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents are fairly common, with motorcycles having 16 times the rate of serious injuries compared to cars. These include people being either killed or injured.

The reality is that plenty of people ride motorcycles safely all the time, but when motorcycle accidents do occur they are often incredibly serious. In fact, much of the time personal injury lawyers work on cases involving motorcycles. This is in part because some of the accidents involving motorcycles could have been prevented if not for human error, whether these errors involved the manufacturing or mending of the vehicle, road conditions, or operating the vehicle in question or surrounding vehicles. It's important to understand why motorcycles are so much more at risk of falling prey to accidents than cars. Below are some of the reasons why.


When motorcycle accidents are connected to bad, preventable road hazards, those involved may want to speak with a lawyer. While it's impossible for road conditions to be perfect at all times, your local government does have a responsibility to ensure that they are generally safe. Motorcycles are particularly susceptible to be compromised by poor road conditions.

Some of the most serious road conditions that motorcycles can encounter include potholes, which can easily cause the motorcycles to be sent off track. Potholes should be filled regularly by your local government, but in some cases, they are left to grow bigger. Because motorcycles are smaller than cars, the impact of potholes will affect them more. Oil slicks on the road can also be detrimental to motorcycles. Debris, of course, as well as uneven pavement and railroad tracks can all cause motorcycle accidents. Unfortunately, these accidents can even be caused by something as simple as puddles. Something that may be a minor annoyance for a car driver can be a major hazard for a motorcycle rider.


Personal injury lawyers are often contacted regarding motorcycle accidents that involve collisions with cars. Good motorcycle riders are actually even more alert than car drivers and ready to ride defensively. But while they know how to ride around cars, many car drivers don't understand how to drive around motorcycles and have a hard time recognizing them.

Motorcycles are much smaller visual targets than cars. Additionally, they are often obscured by darkness, larger vehicles, weather conditions, and issues on the road. This is why many motorcycle accidents occur at intersections, where visibility is even worse.


Many motorcyclists like to ride at high speeds. But the reality is that though motorcycles may feel as if they're built for those speeds, many of them actually don't function as well under them. This is why personal injury law firms are often contacted for speed accidents involving motorcyclists.

When some motorcycles reach extremely high speeds, the front of the motorcycle may begin to wobble and shake. One of the main reasons why this can happen is a misalignment of the front and rear tires. The motorcycle manufacturer can sometimes be held legally responsible when this issue occurs and causes an accident.


As previously mentioned, many motorcyclists know exactly what they're doing and are ready to ride. But some are not as prepared. It is harder to operate a motorcycle compared to a car. If a rider is not fully prepared, they can easily cause an accident without even realizing what they are doing.

The limitations of motorcycles must be fully appreciated if an individual decides to travel by one of these vehicles. If they cause an accident due to their own lack of skill or vigilance, they may be held liable.

There are plenty of things that individuals need to be aware of when riding motorcycles. The fact is that those responsible for accidents can and should be held responsible through personal injury lawsuits. It's not that these vehicles can't be operated; rather, that they must be operated with care.