Personal Injury Law Book


Steven Day Oct. 18, 2018

If you've been in an accident that was caused by the fault of another person, you may find


yourself contemplating filing a personal injury lawsuit. Personal injury claims are designed to help those who have significant damages caused by another receive fair compensation. But before you file a claim, let's take a look at a basic timeline of a personal injury case. While each case is different, this is generally what you can expect.

Receive medical attention: The very first thing that should be done after being in an accident is receive medical attention. Even if you feel and look okay, you should always seek medical attention. Some of your injuries may not be noticeable right away and a medical exam can help identify them. Additionally, having medical records is key for personal injury matters.

Hire an accident attorney: Next comes time to consult with a law firm. Lawyers play a key role in personal injury cases -- they know the law and the proper procedures that need to be followed. They can also help build your case so that you have the best chance possible of receiving proper compensation.

File a claim: Once your lawyer determines you do in fact have a case, now comes time to file the personal injury claim. It's important to file a claim in a timely manner and within the statue of limitation -- which is two years for personal injury related legal action in Nevada. Fortunately, many personal injury claims get settled before they begin going to trial.

Discovery period: If the case can't be settled with appropriate compensation, then the discovery period begins. This is when both parties involved in the case look at the evidence, claims, and defenses. Also during this time, depositions are taken and witnesses are spoken to regarding the accident. Overall, this is the time when both parties make their cases.

Mediation beings: After the discovery period, both parties' lawyers will start to try to reach a settlement. Mediation involves both parties coming together with their lawyers and a mediator to try to reach a cordial settlement. This is done in an attempt to avoid going to trial and requiring jurors to hear the case and make a verdict.

Generally, with the help of an experienced lawyer, personal injury claims can be settled fairly quickly. So keep this timeline in mind as you go about filing your personal injury claim.