equipment and cargo


Steven Day March 18, 2021

Approximately 52% of the personal injury lawsuits in this country stem from vehicular accidents, and many of these involve large trucks. Although big rigs have better safety records than passenger cars, an accident involving one of these vehicles can be catastrophic. Those who are injured or who lose loved ones in such a crash may consider taking legal action, whether they resulted from human error or from equipment and cargo issues. We can provide legal assistance to these victims.

After a truck accident and as part of any legal action, it will be necessary to determine the cause of the mishap and establish who is most responsible for damages. Driving errors related to speeding, improper maneuvering, and loss of control are among the more common causes of big rig crashes. Underlying factors may include driver distraction, weather conditions that may not have been properly evaluated, or fatigue due to excessive time on duty or unusual working hours. Some crashes may even result from driver impairment related to alcohol or drug use. Accidents may also result from equipment or cargo factors. Faulty brakes or tires related to poor maintenance can lead to serious truck mishaps. Another significant factor is the overloading or improper loading of vehicles, since the shifting of cargo can distract the driver or even result in a loss of control. In some cases, there may even be design deficiencies in the truck itself.

After a big rig crash, it will be necessary to carefully investigate the precipitating factors, whether they involve human error or equipment and cargo issues. This will require a review of police reports, the interview of witnesses, and a technical evaluation of the vehicle.

Responsibility for an accident may be placed solely on the driver, the company that owned the truck, the firm responsible for the cargo it carried, or even the manufacturer of the vehicle or its components. In some cases, it may be necessary to take action against more than one responsible party. However, drivers and trucking firms usually employ representatives who may try to shift the responsibility for an accident onto some other party or may attempt to settle the case for less than the required amount of damages. It is for these and other reasons why the victims of large truck accidents need the type of legal representation that we can provide.