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Steven Day Oct. 18, 2019

Trucking accidents involve different issues than other automobile accidents. Having a professional truck accident lawyer is a necessary resource to handle these legalities. Gathering important information may be critical to your case. Hiring an attorney can help you develop a strategy for your case.


Due to the trucking industry being heavily regulated, there are many components at play in this industry. This can lead to complicated situations and confusion. This is because there are many different factors that may require investigation in order to determine who was at fault. For instance, an equipment and cargo accident could be the fault of the driver, the loader, or the manufacturer. There are many different people who play a role in the trucking industry, such as maintenance workers and record keepers. Following a trucking accident, including equipment failure, it is important to contact a professional attorney that can aid in the investigation process. An experienced legal team will be on your side and this will lead to the creation of a strategy for your case.


Trucking accidents typically cause more damage than other car accidents. This is due to trucks being larger and carrying heavier equipment and cargo. Accidents could involve multiple vehicles and multiple people, leading to personal injury matters to deal with. Las Vegas, Nevada is a very populated city and accidents on the strip happen frequently due to the over one hundred casinos located in the area, which bring in mass amounts of traffic. These cases are often more complex than other automobile accidents and require the expertise of a legal professional. Hiring an attorney can help you understand the scientific and engineering principles behind these cases and help you develop a strategy for your case.


When you are not familiar with the legalities surrounding equipment and cargo trucking accidents, it can be difficult to fact check on your own. However, there are many steps and avenues on which to assess that may be beneficial to your case. The trucking industry is complicated, yet heavily regulated. Knowing where to look for proper information regarding liability can prove to be challenging. This includes insurance companies, contractors, and manufacturers. A professional truck accident lawyer can help navigate all the legalities.


Court cases are often complex and sometimes overwhelming. Deadlines and documentation will present itself during these cases and it is imperative that this is done correctly. If not, you may face penalties or fines. A professional attorney can help manage this workload for you and keep you on top of meeting proper deadlines, so you can focus more on your case or daily life.


Any court case can prove to be challenging or difficult to understand. The average person may struggle with certain terminology or knowing the legalities surrounding their case. This can lead to misunderstandings within the courtroom. Hiring a professional attorney can allow you to navigate the courtroom with ease, while also having a sound voice on your side. Court cases are often emotionally charged, which can lead to tension in the courtroom. However, having an experienced attorney can provide you with someone who will speak for you.

Trucking accidents, especially those involving equipment and cargo, are more complex than other automobile accidents. This can lead to a complex and overwhelming process. An accident attorney can help you navigate the legalities surrounding trucking accidents and help you craft a strategy for your case.

At Day and Nance, we believe in trust and integrity to build a foundation for your clients. Each case is treated with individualized attention in order to formulate the best strategy. We believe in the importance of proper investigation and utilizing proper resources, especially when it comes to the complexity of trucking accident cases.