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Steven Day March 6, 2019

Each year in the U.S., about 31 million injuries occur that need medical attention. And unfortunately, some of these injuries happen at hotels. When you stay at a hotel, you expect to have a pleasant stay, be treated with respect, and have the ability to walk around in a safe environment. But accidents do happen and it's important to act accordingly. So let's take a look at a few important steps to follow if you sustain an injury while staying at a hotel.

Receive medical attention: First and foremost, you should always get medical attention for serious injuries. This is important for not only your wellbeing but also to ensure you have records for any future personal injury matters. Having documentation of your injuries, the treatment you receive, and the bills you paid will play a crucial role in a lawsuit.

Speak to someone in charge: Along with receiving medical attention, it is essential that you report the accident. You should make sure you speak to someone in charge, like a manager, to ensure you properly report the incident. If your injury doesn't need immediate medical care, try not to leave the area of the accident until you speak to a manager. This can help you make sure the manager sees the area the injury occurred. And you should always ask for a copy of the incident report as well as the manager's name and contact information.

Hire an accident attorney: Hotel guests have the right to feel protected and safe during their stay. So if you sustain an injury while staying at a hotel, it is your right to file a lawsuit. If you choose to hire an accident attorney, the lawyer will walk you through the process to ensure you understand your options. There may be different types of compensation you can seek, depending on your injuries. Lawyers will also help you gather evidence and build the strongest case possible to increase your chances of receiving fair compensation.

Hotel guests should have an accident-free experience during their stay. So if you've been injured and would like to seek compensation, make sure to follow these steps and find a reputable attorney to represent you.