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Damage on Front Bumper


James Nance Dec. 13, 2016

Most clients do not speak with an attorney until after the accident.  The most obvious reasons is that most people do not live their life with the expectation that they will be involved in an accident. Certainly, not while they are on vacation.  

Things your attorney will need.  Usually, Nevada Highway Patrol will provide you with a "receipt."  This document will provide most of the necessary information your attorney will need. 

Sometimes, not always, Nevada Highway Patrol will take pictures of have witnesses fill-out statements.  

Do not rely on the Nevada, Henderson, Las Vegas, or North Las Vegas police officers or troopers to take photos.  Everyone now has a phone that is capable of taking photos.   Pay special attention to the damage to the vehicles and the location on the street.   Memories fade and you really can't take too many photos.

Obviously, make sure that you are okay.  Visit a hospital.  If you are not in serious pain you can save time by visiting a Quick Care, Urgent Care type facility or your own primary care physician.  It is important to document how you are feeling.  Make sure that you tell the doctor all your complaints whether you think they are related.  Most people wake up the next and say "I feel like I was hit by a truck." Sometimes, it takes time for the full symptoms to show themselves.  Think about a time when you went to the Gym and worked-out too hard.  You woke up very sore the next day. Accidents can be very similar.

Finally, do not hesitate to contact us or call the personal injury attorneys at (702) 309-3333.