Image Captioned "Each Year, About 31 Million Injuries Occur in the U.S That Require Medical Care."


Steven Day Sept. 26, 2018


Each year, about 31 million injuries occur in the U.S. that require medical care. And unfortunately, many of these injuries are sustained from slip and fall accidents. Slip and fall cases are complex and confusing and can often leave victims feeling helpless. So to provide some more information on these accidents, let's take a look at a few frequently asked questions.


What constitutes as a slip and fall accident? A slip and fall accident is when an injury is sustained on someone else's property as a result of a defective or dangerous condition. This can be a slippery sidewalk, a wet floor in the grocery store, or an uneven pathway. If an injury is sustained due to the negligence of someone else, the victim should be mindful to report the accident and hold onto medical bills, as they may be eligible to receive compensation.


Who is liable for the accident? Unfortunately, there may be several parties responsible for someone's injuries sustained from a slip and fall accident. Generally, the owner of the property will be held responsible, as it is their duty to ensure the property is not dangerous for anyone on it -- and their inattention to dangerous situations, like icy sidewalks, can cause serious injuries. But the tenant staying or using the property also may be held responsible for the incident. Overall, proving fault and liability can be complex with slip and fall cases.


How can lawyers help with a personal injury case? Hiring a personal injury lawyer is often a crucial part of a slip and fall incident. Because proving fault and liability can be complex in these types of situation, lawyers are often needed to build a strong case. From gathering evidence to obtaining witness statements, lawyers play a key role in helping victims of slip and fall accidents gather necessary information and meet important deadlines. All in all, someone involved in a slip and fall incident has the best chance of receiving compensation with the help of an attorney.


Being injured due to the fault of someone else can be scary and frustrating. Hopefully, these questions shed some light on slip and fall incidents so you have the information you need if this ever happens to you.