Car Accident


Steven Day March 27, 2019

If you’re involved in a car accident, it can be unsettling at best. In the U.S. alone, there are around 5.5 million car accidents per year. The odds are good that you might not be thinking clearly after an accident occurs, which is why it’s important to know what to do if you’re ever in that situation. Our accident attorney can help you if you ever get into this kind of situation. 

  • Move to a Safe Area: The first thing you should do after a car crash is to move your car to a safe area if it’s possible. If you can’t move your automobile, turn your hazards on and get yourself and your passengers to a safe place away from the roadway.

  • Check for Injuries: Once you’re in a safe location, inspect for any injuries. Check the other party or parties involved in the collision to ensure they’re okay, too. Remember, they’re probably going to be rattled as well, so it’s important for you to inquire about their well-being and provide guidance if necessary.

  • Call the Authorities: Even if you don’t need an ambulance or the assistance of the fire department, it’s important to still call the authorities to file an official report to help when you’re dealing with your insurance company. In some cases, the police may not come out if no one is injured. If the police don’t visit the scene of the accident, be sure to file a report of the incident with your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles.

  • Gather Information: You should gather as much information as possible after an accident. Take pictures and get the other driver’s name, contact information, and the name of their insurer at a minimum.

  • File an Insurance Claim: Once you have completed the above steps, contact your insurance company to file a claim. Most insurers are available 24/7. From there, you’ll be advised to bring your car to a repair shop for a professional to assess it.

  • Get Help from an Accident Attorney: You should call a Henderson accident attorney soon after the accident. Whether the cause for the accident was distracted driving, driver error, or negligence, a personal injury lawyer is a good person to have during this time.

For more tips on what you should do after an accident, contact an accident attorney. We are here to help.